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Unleashing Abundance

unleash abundance

Unleash abundance – it is everything and is the bounty of the Universe.  It doesn’t necessarily mean money.  Our definition of abundance is the ability to have and do what it is that you want to have and do – when you want to have and do it.  Abundance represents our flow; our connection to the Infinite and our allowance as God’s paintbrush.  The Creator doesn’t have form except through Its creation – which is us.

Notice what is coming up for you around the issue of abundance in your life.  See what core beliefs and the reflective patterns that keep showing up.  What accompanying sensations do you notice in your body?  We don’t have to get rid of these feelings we have even if they feel less than optimal.  Let’s just pay attention to them – accept what’s here, on the inside.  Fully accepting whatever sensations that are arising around this issue and embracing them, appreciating them, loving them is the key to moving forward.

A Divine Meeting – Unleash Abundance

Birthing abundance doesn’t always feel good. It’s not necessarily a straight line. Sometimes we hit a bump, or sometimes we get angled into a trajectory where we need to go, but the ego doesn’t want to go there.  That is going to feel like tension. It’s going to feel uncomfortable. But as we surrender into that sensation, into that direct experience, we get insight, information and guidance. This is how intelligent you are – not the mind, but the body and heart.  That’s how nature works.  We want to make sure that we’re aligned with it’s intelligence.”  – John Newton from “Unleashing Abundance” Weekly Call Topic

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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The True Nature of Love

true nature of love

When we give ourselves permission to be where we are, without judgment, we begin to see our true nature – and possibly the true nature of love.  Can we love where we are?  Are we willing to love this here and now experience even when it doesn’t feel ‘good’?  Especially when it doesn’t feel good?  Something magical happens when we follow through with this.  If we’re always trying to get ‘there’, we’re never okay with ‘here’, and guess what? ‘There’ keeps alluding us because when we get to where we thought ‘there’ was, it extends off even farther still.  

The True Nature of Love and Momentum

If we allow ourselves to be ‘here’ and accept and surrender and appreciate and feel this now ‘here-ness’ without conditions, we’re back in the flow of Intelligence; the flow of well-being.  We’re in that ‘I am’ state of being, and then ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ because it’s a frequency thing.  If we lower our vibration through judgment, expectation, or past imprints that we refuse to forego, forgive, or move forward from – then we aren’t loving ourself nor can we be fully open to love from others.

It’s a beautiful thing to surrender to where we are and see what we feel about it.  This is the opposite of the judgment that kept us bound to the past; kept us feeling stuck.  We want to go as deep as we can; to where there’s no depth left.  Absolute surrender – that is true love. True love doesn’t need an object or a person – it just is.  That is your true nature.  ~ John Newton from “The True Nature of Love” Weekly Call Series Topic

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

#AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #Consciousness #ComplementaryHealing

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Stillness Leads to Forgiveness

power of stillness

When we are in doubt or feeling turmoil in life, sometimes all that is needed is stillness – to just stop everything for a moment and allow our experience of Divine intelligence to be revealed. The power of stillness is inspiring. This awareness of truth isn’t a mental understanding as much as it is a willingness to be present at the deepest level of being. When we invite all body sensation into our field, pleasant or not, we release the spin of judgment and see the lie of the mind for what it is: A shadow of the truth. The mind may not care for this state of surrender because it has no power here.  In the present.

Practice the Power of Stillness

The next stage is to witness the unraveling of the past as sensations move through our body like a wave.  We were meant to feel and it is your nature to do so.  Judgement is not your friend here.  Forgiveness is.  Sometimes it’s as simple as asking for help.  If you could ask a local council member to help with an important need in the community that could work.  But what if you had the prime minister on speed dial?  Wouldn’t that be better?  In regards to forgiveness and releasing the past, I feel it’s best to go to the big boss – The Creator.  With a simple recipe including humility and gratitude, you find old pain, hurts and resentments melt away allowing the body to heal, release stress and find peace in the nervous system.  

But first we find stillness.  All arises from there.  Be still and know the “I Am” is ever present and all possible futures are available in this field…”

 – John Newton

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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Aging Powerfully


I see this life we are living as a chapter in a book.  It is one chapter, not the whole story.  If we focus on aging powerfully, we must release our attachments to the past.  The more we clear things that are not of our truth and embrace more Consciousness; embrace more of that God or Source perspective in this ‘now’ chapter, the more powerful we become throughout the book of our soul.

Consider two distinct perspectives:  There’s fate – a beginning and an end to this chapter and it is determined ahead of time as it is already written. This is true from one perspective.  But from the perspective of what is revealed through this work (and other work like it), you’re shifting from what was written over to the blank page of the present moment.  This is where all paths are available and any story can be written no matter what has come before.

Aging powerfully requires work.

So many seek the easy way – the quick fix, particularly as we face aging.  Sometimes the greatest rewards are discovered when we move through a bit of resistance and not around it. Not unlike giving birth.  Our free will is like a muscle and the more we use it, the stronger it gets.  No pain, no gain.

As you work through and release old resentments, regrets and other karma from the past and embrace more Consciousness – all bets are off.  You are sliding your frequency to a another perspective that includes an entirely different version of the book.  When you live in this ‘write-as-you-go’ perspective of all possibility, you’re a completely different being in every moment – and the end of the chapter is just another beginning.” ~John Newton from his weekly call series #Consciousness #AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

At What Point Do You Surrender?

What is surrender?  We’re not referring to surrendering to external events or people, although they may be involved in our experience.  We could see this as the stage of our life and they are actors within it.  Each experience, however, points to something internal.  In every situation, there’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your resolve; to really go inside and ask “What is coming up inside of me in this situation? What’s the gift for me here?”  First and foremost we need to handle what’s going on inside of us. This is not an intellectual process. We’re talking of surrender at the most simple, yet profound level.  In martial arts, our true opponent is within.  Once you handle this internal opponent, your external opponents will return to the nothing from which they came.  You won’t find them and they won’t find you.

Could it be this simple?

So when would we surrender? Really, the question is when would we not surrender? Because in every moment, we have the awareness that there’s a choice to surrender; a choice ‘to be’.   When this occurs, we have the ability to let go of our part in the equation.  This is a rare event, because most of humanity is coming from the mind, the intellect, or the separate ‘me’.  This small mind-only perspective doesn’t have all the information necessary for resolution.

In Twelve Step recovery programs, Step One states: “We admitted that our lives had become unmanageable.”  What we are really saying is “I of myself cannot handle this.”  Often it will be that life has become so overwhelming painful and we realize that we can’t do it alone.  In that moment of grace, we have the experience of surrender to our inner truth.  When we surrender the judgment, the story, the separate “I” and even the past, we see what’s left:  ‘Being’ itself and that we are not alone at all.

So when you surrender, what is it that you gain?  Well, you stop feeding the problem. You stop reacting. When we’re reacting, we’re acting it out again and again.  There may be different actors, but it’s the same play, the same feeling.  We can surrender inside or we can keep reacting to the circumstance, the impossible person, or whatever that external event is.  We don’t surrender to get what we want; that’s not surrender.  We’re referring to true surrender.  Feel that.  If the mind doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, that’s perfect because it doesn’t fit there anyway.

Benefits of Surrender

We often don’t want to surrender the little bit of control that we think we have.  But when we start being a part of the solution and reclaim the energy that we were expending to keep this adversarial relationship going, we gain clarity; insight and we’re able to see. We surrender our small point of view and we start to see the big picture.  We also get our true inner strength back as well as our free will.  We’re able to have this infinite well to draw on that gives us the ability to handle whatever needs to be handled.

Your surrender grants you crystal clarity and the ability to see through what may have seemed impossible.  Where we might have focused on the trees and lost sight of the forest, we’re now able to see through the maya.  An illusion that seemed so real when we held onto the old point of view that included frustration, anger, resentment, guilt, or fear.  When we feel what’s deeper, we go beyond emotional labels and wisdom is revealed.  We tap into that Eternal Intelligence that comes from being on the inside looking out, instead of outside looking to get in.  In that state of grace, you are guided into divine right action in every circumstance.  

This experience may not always be pleasant because the ego or the false “I” is trying to protect what doesn’t feel good.  When we bypass the mind and surrender into that discomfort directly, it can’t keep feeding itself.  We see It was the protection itself that was keeping it alive and real.

When we surrender, we have the support of nature and the intelligence of creation – all that is, was and ever will be.  They say the meek will inherit the earth.  When you surrender, you are the ultimate of meek and the paradox is that you now are the most powerful.” ~ John Newton, from his Weekly Call Series
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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

We Are All Seekers


We are all seekers in some form. We’re all in different stages of our spiritual path. Some of us are endlessly seeking; maybe even addicted to it.  On our path, we eventually reach a point where what we’re seeking ‘out there’ isn’t doing it for us. We reach a stage of discontent. When we stop everything and find stillness for a moment or a breath, we see what’s really here – what we’ve been running from.

There is something profound about seeing what’s unresolved in our life experience. When we take responsibility and handle all that – when we clean that up, we get in integrity with our heart. This is often the beginning of our true path as we discover the purpose for being. All that ‘out there’ becomes much more rewarding because it’s reflecting the fullness of truth already inside us.

What seekers have in common

We want to make sure we’re not using the external world as a distraction from our awakening.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of desire and consumption.  There are many hungry ghosts walking the planet who never get full no matter how much they eat.  When we wake up and have that cognition of being the ‘I am that I am’ presence, the work is done. The river is now flowing in the direction it was designed to flow. As you begin releasing, clearing, and moving toward integrity – you’ve started an object in motion and that momentum is a powerful force. 

Again, notice what you feel inside.  This connects you with what’s real and is one with all of creation; all that’s appearing in consciousness. It’s a trusted friend with open arms that is always available.  The experience of this endless field of presence is without boundaries so there’s no more hitting bottom as this was only a mental constraint; a construct of the ego. When we’re okay with the experience of being, no matter what arises, you are free from suffering.

~John Newton from his Monday Night Call Series “The Deception of a Spiritual Path” #AncestralClearing #Consciousness #ComplementaryHealing

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

What Do We Really Know?

what do we really know

Mental understanding can influence or affect our perception of Truth. So what do we really know?  If I understand what love is when I go into a relationship, can you see this might limit my experience? At the minimum, my expectations – negative or positive – affect what I perceive, what I know is possible and of course my behavior.  Behavior affects our results which affect our beliefs and so the cycle goes.  It’s easy to see this in others, but are we open to seeing what we might be up to behind the scenes?

What do we really know? We are so much more than what we ‘think’ we are.

If the Truth is the ocean, does the ocean fit in the bucket of the mind?  If I only identify with the mind, that’s all I can know – all I can contain.  What we must realize is that the mind can only come from what it knows –  an often distorted view formed by past events from our life as well as the lives of our parents and ancestors.  We can see that this narrow point of view probably didn’t work for them – so how would we be any different?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result…  We know where that ends up!

A sweet experience…

But if I’m willing to surrender that identity; if I’m willing to surrender what I know – even for a sacred breath, then the Infinite can fill me. Relating this to Lao Tsu, I can see that even the simple act of ‘doing nothing’ reveals what’s already present:  That I am already full of the ocean of consciousness. I can identify with this ocean instead of a bucket full of something else.  

– John Newton 30 July 16 from his Monthly Free Call
#AncestralClearing #Consciousness #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing
John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

Your Ancestors Are Smiling


We, like our ancestors before us, are all superconductive. Our cells, our nervous system, our whole being is communicating with creation beyond the limits of time and space. What a responsibility we have!  Imagine what this butterfly effect could have on humanity when we clear our nervous systems of the old debris and limitation that has tethered us for as long as we can remember.  Can you feel the calling deep in your bones – even deeper in your heart?  

The Time Is Now

The sweetness of this work is that it can reverberate out across dimensions. The binds that limited all those that came before are only there as long as we carry them.  Forgiveness sets us free of any and all limitation from the past.  Can you see the simple physics of this?  I feel we keep our own score.  The promise is that we have free will.  But is it free if we don’t use it?

You are not limited by the Creator – quite the opposite.  You are created in the image and likeness of that which created all that is, was and ever will be…  Let this good news inspire you to bring forth what has laid dormant in your heart.  Your divine purpose awaits.  You need not look for it as it is already present.  The real question is, are you?  Let not the mind put off your calling by focusing on what needs to happen first.  Momentum comes from the moment.  Stillness.  Here and now.  All you need is here waiting patiently for you to show up.  This stillness and all the sensations within will lead, guide and direct you in perfect order.  Your chariot calls…

Ancestors and healing

Your ancestors are smiling as you take a stand and break the patterns of suffering that have plagued humanity for so long. The answer to the questions you seek is within you.  And it does not fit into the mind…  – John Newton 01 Aug 2016 from his Monday Call Series
#AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing #Consciousness

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

Our Bodies Want to Heal

our bodies want to heal

Our bodies want to heal, but what do we do when things don’t go our way – when things don’t feel good inside?  Most people judge, label and tell themselves stories about what it all means. This is like adding wood to a fire and wondering why it’s not burning out.  In essence, we are trying to get rid of the very thing that could set us free: Sensation.  Aren’t we quick to label what we feel instead of actually experiencing it?  Human thinkings are not human beings.  Stating that I’m angry, I’m sad or even I’m depressed are just not experiences. They are just labels. They are also judgements.  They have a history and the mind has strong opinions of them.  Can we see that these judgement feed the very thing we want ‘to get rid of’?  What if what we feel is there for us and not against us?  What if this was divine intelligence communicating that something needs resolution at the root level, not just with current conditions which is where most people dwell.  

It’s True: Our Bodies Want to Heal

Your body wants to heal. The Infinite wants you to heal. Your friends want you to heal. Everything in the Universe is conspiring to help you heal, except for what? The mind… It’s not our fault. For most of us, the mind is on autopilot from what’s happened in the past – all the unresolved burden that we carry. At a certain point we start paying attention to what’s really going on.  We see the hamster wheel of it all and begin to question things.  This is a sacred moment in our evolution.  This is our wake-up call.  If we put our attention directly on the sensation that we’re feeling, we begin the triumph of heart over mind and may find that what ails us will begin to heal. It is in this state of awareness – not judgement – that the fire of suffering burns itself out.  – John Newton from his event at Temple of the Living God, Saint Petersburg, FL  

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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On Doing Nothing

on doing nothing

What are your thoughts on doing nothing? This may be an absurd question if the mind tries to answer it.  We need to look beyond thinking to see the true answer.  The same is true with this question: What if you never did anything?   To the mind, this doesn’t even make sense.  The obvious here is that we need to move our perception beyond the mind and truly ‘see’.  It all comes down to perspective.  You are not your mind nor are ‘you’ your body.  If you were, then who were you a hundred years ago?  Not that, right?  What we are pointing to here is your true and eternal nature – never born and never dies.  It is pure awareness or consciousness and it never did anything.

Who’s On Second…

Even when it appears you are doing something physically, isn’t the body doing it?  Are you aware of the body in this present moment? Of course you are.  If you are aware of something, then you can’t be that thing you are aware of any more than you are the computer you see in front of you.  When you identify with the ‘you’ that is pure awareness – the you that is eternal – you have access to everything in all of Creation. When you are willing to do nothing – you can do anything.  When you were willing to be nothing, you have access to everything.”  – John Newton from his event Sept.23rd, 2015 at Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg, FL

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

#Consciousness #AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing

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