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What do we really know?

john - what do you really know

“Sometimes understanding can influence or affect our perception of Truth. If I understand what love is when I go into a relationship, can you see that that might limit my experience? If Truth is the ocean, does the ocean fit in the bucket of the mind?  If I only identify with the mind, that’s all I can know – all I can contain. But if I’m willing to surrender that identity, if I’m willing to surrender what I know, even for a sacred breath, then the Infinite can fill me. I can see that I am already full. I can identify with the ocean instead of a bucket.  A sweet experience…”

– John Newton 30 July 16 from his Monthly Free Call
#AncestralClearing #Consciousness #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing
John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.


Your Ancestors Are Smiling

john newton - ancestors are smiling

“We are all superconductive. Our cells, our nervous system, our whole being is communicating with creation beyond the limits of time and space. The sweetness of this work is that it can reverberate out across dimensions. Your ancestors are smiling as you take a stand and break the patterns of suffering that have plagued humanity for so long.” – John Newton 01 Aug 2016 from his Monday Call Series
#AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing #Consciousness

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

Putting Holy Back in the Holidays

night“These holidays are representing incredibly powerful, let’s use the word “ritual” – because it allows us to dive deeper into an aspect of our wholeness. And that word ‘wholeness’ is going to come up quite a bit. So holy days – we use the “whole”, or “whole-ness” [in reference to these days]. “Holy days around this time of year represent renewal [and] rebirth. So for Hanukkah, it’s about rebuilding the temple. Christmas is [about the birth of Christ]. Even on Bodhi Day Buddhists [celebrate] Siddhartha being still under the Bodhi Tree having his experience and his commitment to enlightenment. If you look at [the word] ‘enlighten’, that says ‘wholeness’ because it’s connecting back to the light of Source. And for the Buddha it was a present moment experience, which to me is symbolized by so many traditions. It’s about us; it’s about wholeness.

So if the holidays are about renewal and rebirth, and the rewards are the gifts that this offers, most of humanity has gotten off course. It’s become about the gifts, right? So when we receive a gift or want gifts for the sake of gifts alone, there’s an emptiness [in this]. And you notice kids on Christmas Eve or Hanukkah, they get their gift and then after a while, the gifts lose their luster, because it’s not about the gifts per se. But if we earn the gifts – in other words, if we do the work so that the gifts can show up internally, then we receive the true gifts.

We really want to ‘make whole’ within ourselves. The mind and the heart have become divided for most people. [The work is about] making that whole experience again – that [‘wholiness’ or] holiness within us.

Where does wholeness live? It lives in the heart and it lives in the present. Wholeness exists in present. So how do we stay in the present? How do we receive the gifts that are in this present moment? I firmly feel in all of my being that the Garden of Eden, what that symbolizes in the Old Testament, that state of graceful life – it’s got to be here. We just don’t perceive it because our perception has been fragmented. All of our senses are being filtered through a brain that’s not functioning [fully] or optimally because of all that we carry in our sensory world in the body.

We need to reconnect to truth. Many people celebrate Christmas. Christ means to christen; christen means to anoint with oil; oil means truth. What if we were to anoint ourselves with truth in the present moment? The truth would be for us to take responsibility for what it is that we carry, instead of trying to reach for the feel-good, for the distraction, for anything other than the truth. Most of humanity is spending time on something other than what it is that lives inside [of them]. And it’s become compacted and pressed down into the unconscious and maybe the subconscious. But has been we want to bring it into the consciousness of this moment. It’s about noticing where our attention is.

Einstein said, “What we call ‘matter’ is energy whose vibrations have been lowered to be perceived by the senses.” Consciousness has been lowered to be perceived by the senses. What would cause a frequency to be lowered? It’s our reactivity to the past. How simple and clean is that?

So, something happened, It doesn’t feel good in the body. The mind comes in and makes it mean something, judges it, and [in doing so] drives it down deeper into our sensational realm and then it lives in us, only to attract more similar type of experiences. The grace is that our cosmic Self, our true Self is the observer. The more we are willing to observe what is here, what we carry, the more freedom we will experience – freedom to truly receive the gifts – the real gifts. [We can then receive] not the gifts the ego thinks that it wants, but the true gifts from the heart – of the heart. Gifts that reflect back the fullness of who you are. The gifts are a natural unfoldment of truth.” – John Newton #AncestralClearing #TheChristmasCard #ComplementaryHealing #JohnNewton

John Newton considers his work to be healing to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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Gift of Pain

painMore than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s more than a third of the population. The estimates now are around $650 billion/year in the US alone. That’s the [monetary] cost of chronic pain in [just] this country. And if you look at what the ‘normal’ human is doing, when something hurts, what do they do? They want to take a pill so that it goes away. That’s like a pilot covering up an indicator light saying that there’s some structural issue in the system.  Most of humanity does the same with their bodies. We try and get rid of the very thing that’s trying to get our attention. We have feedback in a highly sensitive nervous system.   Most of humanity is not paying attention to the warning signs. Instead of us refining and going deeper into the Intelligence within us that can allow us to heal and resolve chronic pain, most of us just try and get rid of the pain. 

Our bodies are so intelligent. This intelligence (ie. Consciousness) inside of us is like an internal computer – and that computer isn’t finite. It’s not like a hard drive with a fixed amount of memory or a certain amount of bandwidth that comes through the Internet. We are not like that. Our inner Intelligence is unlimited because Consciousness is unlimited. The only limitation to Consciousness is our experience of it. It’s our willingness. How much are we willing to surrender? And are we willing to surrender that there’s even a concept of surrender? We can even let go of that. There’s this sea of Intelligence that’s always there for us and it wants to help.

The momentum from the past is to avoid things that don’t feel good – emotionally and physically. If we feel angry, we don’t allow ourselves to go deeper into the sensation of that. If we stay at the level of anger, we feed it by judging the person that made us ‘angry’, even though they didn’t make us angry. They triggered something in us that attracted the experience that we’re calling anger. So we’re then two steps away from the direct experience of whatever that is that came up within us that we feel as the sensation that we label as ‘anger’.

When we have ‘pain’ in the body, we go deeper into that sea of Intelligence, into that direct experience of what’s actually happening in the body in the present, and we allow that Intelligence to lead, guide and direct us into the resolution of it.

We undergo a certain amount of stress. And if we keep undergoing that certain amount of stress in the same way, over time it starts to tax our body. It starts to limit our life experience and life expectancy.  What truly matters is our resistance, and I don’t mean that in a good way. If somebody does something and it brings up something in me that my brain is calling ‘anger’ – now if I just go with the sensation [that I feel], the experience moves through me and it releases. In fact, it doesn’t cause any stress because there was no resistance to it. We’re not talking about ‘immune system resistance’ – that is a positive. We’re talking about not going with the flow of the direct experience in our bodies. So that energy comes through me and maybe it’s heat in the chest, maybe there’s intense pressure up through the neck and into the head. If I don’t judge the situation, if I don’t create friction or resist what that flow is, it just keeps flowing through me. And before I know it, the ‘anger’ isn’t even there and I’ve taken an action in the situation that’s more condusive to resolution. ~ John Newton from his April Call Series: “The Gift of Pain” 04/27/15 with gratitude to via Pinterest for the image #AncestralClearing #consciousness #ChronicPain #TheGiftOfPain #ComplementaryHealing

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

At What Point Do You Surrender?

“What is surrender? We’re not speaking to external events or people; although they’re involved, they’re pointing us to something internal. In martial arts, [my view has been that] the goal is that there is an opponent; the opponent is inside of us. So, once you handle that opponent, your external opponents are not there. You won’t find them and they won’t find you. And if they do find you, then it’s a chance for you to strengthen your resolve; to really go inside and [ask]: “What’s coming up inside of me in this situation? What’s the gift for me in this situation?”  First and foremost we need to handle what’s going on inside of us. This is not an intellectual process. We’re talking of surrender on the most…simple level.

So when would we surrender? Really, the question is: when would we not surrender? Because in every moment, if you have the awareness where you’re even aware that there’s a choice to surrender, that there’s a choice ‘to be’, there’s a choice to let go, that is a rare, rare event, because most of humanity is coming from a function of the mind, the intellect, the separate me.

In 12 Step recovery programs, Step One states: “We admitted … that our lives had become unmanageable.” That’s a powerful place. It’s really saying: “I of myself cannot handle this.” And often it will be that life will become so overwhelming or circumstances become so insurmountable or “painful” that we reach that point where we say: “Wait a minute. I just can’t do this!” In that moment of grace, some people have that cognition of surrender. When we’re surrendering, no matter [what your religion or lack or religion], we’re stopping and surrendering to the inner truth as an experience. When we surrender to that being within us, we’re letting go of the mind, the story, the separate “I”, the past, the future; we’re letting go of everything. And then we see what’s left.

So when you surrender, what is it that you gain? Well, you stop feeding the problem. You stop reacting. When we’re reacting, we’re acting it out again and again and again. There may be different actors in our play, but it’s the same [play], the same feeling, the same point of view, the same “…errrrr”.  And the “…errrr” is the meat, the juice – that’s where we enter. “I can surrender inside or I can keep reacting to the circumstance, this impossible person”, or whatever that external event is. We don’t surrender to gain; that’s not surrender. We’re referring to true surrender. Feel that. If the mind doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, that’s brilliant. Even in the letting go of control, most of us don’t want to give up. We don’t want to surrender the little bit of control that we think we have. (The ‘us’ is the intellect, the small “I”, the thinker.) We start being a part of the solution. We start reclaiming energy that we were expending to keep this adversarial relationship going. We gain clarity; we gain sight; we’re able to see. We surrender our small point of view and we start to see the big picture. We actually merge with that big picture and we see the whole mosaic.

What do we gain in surrender? We also get our strength back and true strength – that inner strength that’s available when we let go of our “…errrr”. We’re [then] able to have this Infinite Well that we draw on that gives us the strength to handle whatever needs to be handled. Feel what we’re saying. We get clarity – crystal clarity, sometimes [even] being able to see through. Where we might have focused on the trees and lost the forest or vice versa – we’re able to see through all of it. We’re able to cut through all of the maya, to cut through the illusion that seemed so real when we held onto that point of view, that frustration, or anger, or resentment, or grief, or guilt, or fear, or shame – whatever it was.  We’re feeling what’s deeper. We go beyond emotion. And then we have wisdom revealed. We tap into that Eternal Intelligence – that intelligence of All That Is because It allows us to have that sight – the wisdom that comes from being on the inside looking out, instead of our looking out [to the external world] to find it. When we’re in that state of grace, the wisdom pours through you as you are led, guided and directed in your Divine right action in the circumstance, in every circumstance – when you surrender, when you let go of the small “I” point of view and you feel what’s deeper. It’s not always pleasant because a lot of what we’re protecting with the identification with the ego and the false “I” and the thinking and the story is the gooey center inside of us that doesn’t feel good. When we go right to that, when we surrender even into that, when we merge with that, it can’t sustain itself. It was the protection itself, the internal protection against what we were feeling – that’s what was feeding it – what was keeping it alive and real.

What do we gain from surrender? We gain wisdom. And when we have wisdom, we have support of Nature. Nature is all of creation – All That Is, Was and Ever Will Be created. You have that support. “The meek will inherit the earth.” What does that even mean? When you surrender, you are the ultimate of meek.  And the paradox of that is that is when you are the most powerful.” ~ John Newton, April 20, 2015, April Call Series – partial transcript #AncestralClearing #SweetSurrender #Consciousness #ComplementaryHealing

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

We’re All Seekers in Some Form

“We’re all seekers in some form. We’re all in different stages of our “spiritual” path. And on our path of seeking, we reach a point where what we’re seeking out there isn’t doing it for us. [And we can be] endlessly seeking. Stop everything and be still for a moment and just see what’s here, to see what’s unresolved. And when we handle all that, when we clean that up, when we take responsibility, get in integrity with our heart and our lives, our true purpose for being, then all that ‘out there’ becomes much more rewarding because it’s reflecting the truth inside of us. That’s the blessing of all of the seeking ‘out there’. We just want to make sure we’re not using it [the external world] as a distraction. When we wake up and have that cognition of just being, the ‘I am that I am’ presence, the work is done. The river is now flowing in the direction it was designed to flow. As you begin releasing and clearing, moving toward integrity, [because] you’ve started the momentum, the momentum will continue in that direction. We continue to nurture that with all of our practices.

So what do you feel inside? That can help us check in with what’s real. We don’t like to use the mind to tell us what’s real because the mind doesn’t have all the information. But the being part of us, the “I am” presence inside of you does know because it’s connected with all of consciousness, which is here and now. So “The Deception of the Spiritual Path” could be titled “Running from the Present.”

Notice what you are present to, what you are feeling, what you notice is going on inside of you. Check in to that presence that’s always here and now and never goes anywhere. It’s a trusted friend with open arms. It’s always available. When we surrender to what we feel inside, there’s no more bottom. [The bottom] is annihilated because the bottom was relating with the ego and story and the structure around what we thought was real or we thought was true. [And we] actually surrender into the experience [of what we feel] itself, actually feel and fully surrender to that in the present. Be okay with the experience of being, the sensation that you are feeling in the present moment.”

~John Newton from Monday night’s call (04/13/15) “The Deception of a Spiritual Path” #AncestralClearing #consciousness #ComplementaryHealing

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

What is Ancestral Clearing & How to Use It to Create a Life Worth Living

Have you ever felt bad for no apparent reason?  Do you find yourself making choices that are less than optimal?  Feel like you’re always swimming upstream?   Modern science is discovering that it may not be your fault.   We are born into a body that is already preloaded with burden and limitation from the ancestors that have come before us.  These are measureable imprints called epigenomes and they are stored as attachments to our DNA.  These markers are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound effect on virtually every area of our lives including behavior, beliefs, resilience to stress and even our healing response.  

The good news is that we don’t have to be victims of the past “karma”.  Using a simple process known as Ancestral Clearing, we have the ability to release this accumulation and rewrite our narrative, creating a future of possibility, well-being and true fulfillment.

If we don’t feel good, where is that coming from? It’s not coming from the future. It’s usually not coming from the present even though there may be a medical label we’ve been given.  What we carry is that which is unresolved from the past.  We can try to push through or even be positive, but alas this too proves futile.  So how do we access that which is authoring this narrative; authoring the program that we carry which affects every aspect of our life: financial, spiritual, emotional, physical?

It has been said that we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator.  So, what does that leave out?  Nothing. It’s the All That Is.  Ancestral Clearing is about connecting to Source and removing the imprints of adversity that have been weighing on us – the unresolved issues which we have accumulated from our life, our parents, grandparents and our lineage.

The “Being” part of us doesn’t suffer. It’s just aware. It’s aware of all that shows up, but more importantly, it’s aware of itself. So when you connect with that direct awareness of who you are, you have access to your script.

When we look inside and notice what doesn’t feel good – It can be physical pain, emotional hurt or regret, a negative belief, or even a person we have a hard time forgiving. This is an important distinction over our story or judgment about it.  Once you start to feel it in your body, you have access, because now you’re having a direct experience as opposed to an intellectual understanding. 

The analogy I like to use is the menu. The menu describes the meal.  The mind’s description of the problem is not the problem itself just as the menu is not the meal. You can’t eat the menu; the menu only describes the meal. We need to move beyond the mind and the commentary and the judgment and all that is within the mind to what is beneath that, residing within the body.  We must go beyond our story and access the deepest part of our being – that which is connected to Source and begin removing the root of the issue in order to have lasting effect – true change. We become liberated from the burden and can then show up fully in this life into something we all desire – a life worth living. ~ by John Newton #ancestralclearing #bepresent #whatareyoufeeling

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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