Ending Chronic Pain

chronic pain

Let me start out by clarifying that we are not saying we want or deserve our chronic pain.  What we offer with this work has helped thousands of people feel better and ultimately get their life back.  

Chronic Pain – a Chronic Problem

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s more than a third of the population. The estimates for the financial cost of this are now around $650 billion a year in the United States alone.  When something hurts, the majority of people take a pill so that it goes away.  That’s like a pilot covering up an engine warning light instead of landing the plane.  If you think about it, it’s quite absurd that we try and get rid of the very thing that’s trying to get our attention.  I am not saying not to take pills, however we might also want to look deeper into the root cause of why our body isn’t healing on it’s own.  We have a highly sensitive nervous system and it gives us feedback on virtually every experience we have.  If we don’t give our attention to the subtle warning signs, they tend to get bigger over time – often turning into chronic pain. 

What this work and many studies have shown is that physical chronic pain and unresolved emotional hurts are often intertwined.  We are not discounting actual injuries, conditions or even our diagnosis, however if things aren’t healing on their own, we may need to look deeper at old emotional hurts that may be creating stress in our lives.  Studies show that stress affects our ability to heal.  When we resolve this stress at the root level, this helps us align with a life free of pain.

Your body is intelligent.

Our bodies are intelligent.  We evolved from primordial soup.  This intelligence inside of us is like an organic supercomputer.  It has access to far more than the mind. Our brain is more like a hard drive with a fixed amount of memory.   Our inner Intelligence that is beyond the mind is unlimited because our consciousness is unlimited, as is our awareness of consciousness. The only limitation to consciousness is our experience of it – the depth to which we surrender to it.  How much are we willing to get out of our own way?  Are you ready?  You can be right, or you can be well.  We can’t always have both.  ~ John Newton from his April Call Series: “The Gift of Pain”  www.healthbeyondbelief.com 

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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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