On Wednesday, February 14th, we invite you to experience the Advanced Ancestral clearing via live video:

advanced ancestral clearing program


On Wednesday, February 14th, John will continue his monthly Advanced Ancestral Clearing Program designed to:

  • advanced ancestral clearing progamProfoundly deepen your connection to Source
  • Entrain your nervous system for more grace and “I AM” presence
  • Transform your deepest patterns of resistance to well-being
  • Release the attachments that are keeping you stuck
  • Dramatically increase your ease and success in daily life
  • Establish a foundation of inner silence even in the midst of outer chaos
  • Allow you to be a powerful perceiver and emitter of divine light

This live Advanced Ancestral Clearing Video Program will include:


Body-DNA-iconTwo 90-minute sessions each month with other advanced students only
Body-DNA-iconMultiple deep Ancestral Clearings during each session
Body-DNA-iconAdvanced knowledge to further illuminate your direct experience
Body-DNA-iconLive Q&A and personal interaction with John during each session
Body-DNA-iconConsistent energetic attention from John throughout the month to support your awakening
Body-DNA-iconSpecific targeted remote clearings every Thursday and Sunday throughout the month for all participants
Body-DNA-iconVideo and audio replays will be available for 3 months.

Special Bonus for February:
This month John is also offering a special free bonus for all registrants:
Downloadable Video & Audio Bonus: “Being Faith-Full”



Although you will have the option to participate in this Advanced Series via live video (or audio) feed, when you are interacting with John, he will be able to see you  but the other participants will not in order to protect your anonymity.

February dates, times and topics:

  • Wednesday, February 14th at 5:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM Eastern: “Places In The Heart”
  • Wednesday, February 28th at 5:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM Eastern: “The Big Reversal”

Please note that this Advanced Program is not intended as a substitute for the Monday Ancestral Clearing and Knowledge Sessions, but is designed to further your journey into consciousness and well-being based on participation in the Monday series.

Advanced Ancestral Clearing Video Program
Monday Ancestral Clearing and Knowledge Call Series

Special Bonus for February*



Advanced Ancestral Clearing Program Only

Please Note: this is to register for the Advanced program only…if you want to register for the Monday call series and the Advanced program (which is $179 before the program begins) please use the link above.

Special Bonus for February*



Special Bonus for February:
This month John is also offering a special free bonus for all registrants:
Downloadable Video & Audio Bonus: “Being Faith-Full”


  • Call-in details will be sent on the day of each session.

  • A link to the replay will be sent within a few hours of the live call.

  • If you can’t attend the session live, the benefits are equally as powerful when listening to the recording that will be available to all registrants.

  • Video and audio replays will be available for 3 months.

guaranteeRefunds will be issued only prior to the first replay being sent out.

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