Barcelona, Spain Events & Training - June 6-9, 2019

Barcelona, Spain Events & Training – June 6-9, 2019

Ancestral Clearing Events & Training 
Barcelona, Spain – June, 2019

All of the below events held at The abba Garden hotel  
C/ Santa Rosa, 33 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Barcelona, Spain Phone. +34 93 503 54 54

To book a room at our discounted rate (98,00 € VAT Included, Breakfast Buffet Included, *City Tax NOT included: 10% taxes per adult/night)  Please email  Indicate that you are with Health Beyond Belief, the date you want to check in and out and how many people in the room.

All event pricing is in US dollars. PayPal will convert to your currency.

Thursday, June 6th 7-8:30pm | Group Ancestral Clearing Event $25 
John shows us how to connect to Source directly to clear burden and imprints from our life and ancestral lineage to promote physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being. Group and individual attention will be offered. RSVP requested: Click Here to register for this event only. 

Friday, June 7th  “WORKSHOP: LIFE RESET” 6:30 pm  to 9:30 pm  
In this intimate 3+ hour workshop, John will assist you in clearing the deepest layers of unresolved burden and stress from your life and family lineage to reveal a powerful life of possibility. Leaving no stone unturned, experience moving forward without the stress, judgement and negative beliefs that may be holding you back. See what a true ‘Life Reset’ really is. $145 Click Here to RSVP for the Life Reset Workshop onlyTo register for this workshop and both trainings Click Here  (Select the date, then time for the first workshop – you will be registered for all)

 Ancestral Clearing Training*

We all have the ability to effect our own and each other’s health and well-being. In John Newton’s Training he teaches each participant how to use the powerful modalities that allow his clients to experience profound physical, spiritual & emotional well-being & welcomes you to use this work for yourself, your family, friends, community & clients (if you are a healthcare professional).  *Training includes follow-up video refreshers including Q&A with John as well as access to the private Facebook Training Graduate Group.

Basic Ancestral Clearing Training

Pre-requisite: None

During this full day in-depth, interactive training, John teaches each participant the fundamental practices of Ancestral Clearing, including:
1.    Holding Space
2.    Connecting to the Source of all healing.
3.    Ancestral Forgiveness – How to use the Forgiveness Prayers for specific issues in yourself and others
4.    Directed Breath-work
John will work extensively with individuals on their respective issues as well as with the group as a whole.  Participants will be coached in pairs, honing your ‘healing’ skills.   John will also describe the deeper meaning of specific health issues and the burden that each area of the physical body corresponds to.  *All course materials are provided.   Participants will receive a Basic Training Certificate upon completion

*Course materials are for registered participants and are not to be shared or distributed in any form.  

Advanced Ancestral Clearing Training

Pre-requisite: Basic Training

After a brief review of the Basic training, John teaches each participant Advanced Ancestral Clearing practices including:
• Targeted prayers for specific issues in the body
• Bypassing the mind — your greatest adversary
• Clearing negative mental programming that can affect your results
• Building confidence for consistent results
• Clearing worthiness issues in ourselves and our clients
• Increasing your intuition when working with clients
• Clearing resistance in ourselves and our clients
• Working with addictions
• Using Multi-lateral Tapping (Diagrams of expanded tapping points will be given)
• Using specific prayers for ‘flash clearing’ when time is limited
• Working in potentially hostile environments to complimentary modalities (e.g., hospitals)
• Working with children
• Working with couples/relationships
• Working with large groups
• Working remotely  

A diagram of the body and corresponding health implications will be given to all participants.                              
Please note that your “clients” can be your friends, children or other family members.
During this training there will be time to practice each technique in small groups. Everyone will receive personal coaching throughout the day while working with each other.   John will also continue to work extensively with individuals as well as with the group as a whole.   *All course materials are provided.  Participants will receive an Advanced Training Certificate upon completion.

*Course materials are for registered participants and are not to be shared or distributed in any form. 

If taking both Basic & Advanced Training same weekend: $975
Basic Training Only – Saturday June 8th 9:30-5:30: $475 
Advanced Training Only 
– Sunday June 9th 9:00-6:00: $575
If repeating Basic Training only: $375
If repeating Advanced Training only: $475
If repeating Basic and taking Advanced for the first time: $850
If repeating both Basic and Advanced Training: $675
*Discounts will be calculated on day of training*

To register for Friday workshop and both trainings – Click Here (Recommended)
To register for both Basic & Advanced Training Only – Click Here
To register for Basic Training Only –  Click Here
To register for Advanced Training Only – Click Here (Basic Training Required)

Questions regarding above events, private sessions or possible room shares, please Click Here to contact Jennifer.

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