Grace is in the Moment

The Infinite Creator of All That Is is in this moment.  Grace is in the moment as well. If you live in the mind, grace may elude you. The more of ‘you’ in your life, the less of the Creator. The more of the Creator, the less of ‘you’. It’s just physics.

Our ‘me’ identity resides in the mind. Where is the mind? More aptly put, when is the mind? You may notice thoughts are not the present experience. Thinking has to do with the past or the future, neither of which is here and now. Thoughts are overshadowing the present which leads to separation.

Let go, let God…

Any thought you have – where does it really exists? The short answer is it doesn’t. Let’s extrapolate on that. Thoughts are about the past, which already happened, or the future which hasn’t happened yet. So, if it’s already happened, or hasn’t happened yet, it’s not here. And if it’s not here, is it real? A postcard of the Grand Canyon is real, however It isn’t the Grand Canyon is it?

So maybe that’s why the mind works feverishly overtime to have an identity:  Because it doesn’t have one. Not in the truest sense. Any identity that the mind has is illusion. It’s temporary. Would you rather hold a postcard, or experience the Grand Canyon? When we let go of trying to understand this (the mind) we are free. In this freedom we notice grace arises. ~ John Newton from free call of June 2, 2015

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