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Let Go of the Past

John Newton offers free videos with insights and knowledge to help you let go of the past and live a life of possibility. The Ancestral Clearings John offers help resolve past experiences held in the nervous system.  These old hurts can affect virtually every area of life. The following latest videos help you experience moving beyond chronic stress, resolving pain and attracting abundance. As a result, life takes on new meaning.

Experience a New Way of Being

If you notice, there is a story or narrative that runs in the mind. When you experience challenges or stressful situations in life, you can see the mind is not always an ally. There is usually a cognitive style that doesn't help us to let go of the past. For most people, the mind is more of an adversary than the humble servant it was designed to be.  As Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”  

The Return of Our Free Will

As you resolve the old hurts and judgements from your life and family lineage,  your free will returns. The brain that may have been hijacked by chronic stress, finds balance and furthermore remains neutral. When you clear the nervous system of negative imprints, you begin to make choices that are aligned with true well-being. This includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial areas of life. You begin to show up fully, and consequently experience your true power.

What Is Ancestral Clearing?

In this video What Is Ancestral Clearing? – John Newton shares the path of releasing past hurts and limiting beliefs to awaken to a life worth living! Enjoy!

Awaken to the Garden of Eden

In this video Awaken to the Garden of Eden, John Newton describes the simple process of clearing what limits our perspective of Heaven on Earth and how we can begin to live it in the here and now. This video is from an Ancestral Clearing group event in British Columbia in 2017.  Enjoy!

Forgiveness That Changes Lives

In this video, Forgiveness That Changes Lives, John shares insights into forgiveness and how it can make a difference in your life. This video is from an Ancestral Clearing group event in Tampa, Florida.

You Are Here for a Reason

In this video, You Are Here for a Reason, John shares insights into discovering your divine purpose. This video is from an Ancestral Clearing group event in Innsbruck, Austria.

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