Opening the door to Heaven on Earth, Part 2

With Heaven on Earth, It’s not about getting ‘there’. It’s about transforming what’s already here. From the ‘I Am’ perspective, there is no door. The maya, or illusion of it all is within us. The collective karma we carry from the past has created the experience of separation from our truth. Heaven on Earth is us living from that very truth. The access is here and now which is why the mind can’t take us there. The door is from the mind’s perspective.

It’s All About Perception

It’s not about opening the door. It’s about resolving what we carry that limits our perception of truth. In its rightful place the mind is a humble servant, however, do you notice it has devolved into something else? The root of suffering ‘lies’ in the mind. The mind and it’s perspective comes from the past. It was formed by what has come before and the meaning assigned to those events. If we are honest, we see those events were not always pleasant.

Until we migrate from the mind to the heart, it may be an intense journey. As Einstein eloquently stated: “Problems cannot be solved by he same mind that created them.”  It’s not that we have to ‘do’ in order to ‘be’.  The ‘being’ that is our conscious awareness never did anything anyway.  Do you notice however that It is aware of what gets done? To have consistent access to this awareness, it may serve us to clear the clouds of the past.

Moving beyond the past

As we resolve this personal and ancestral karma of the past, we may notice that we do less and experience more. We may notice that life flows from a place of inner intelligence that is more than the mind. The revealing of Heaven on Earth is a natural expression of that.  -John Newton from his Advanced Call Series, “Opening the Door to Heaven on Earth”, 14 Jan 2016

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