Our Bodies Want to Heal

Our bodies want to heal. So why don’t we experience this more often than not? What do we do when things don’t go our way?  When things don’t feel good inside, what does the mind do?  Most people judge, label and tell themselves stories about what it all means. This is like adding wood to a fire that we want to burn out.  In essence, we are trying to get rid of the very thing that could set us free. Sensations are the name of the game.  

What we feel inside is there for us, not against us.

Aren’t we quick to label what we feel instead of actually experiencing it?  Human thinkings are not human beings.  Stating that I’m angry, I’m sad or even I’m depressed are not experiences.  They are labels, however they are also judgements.  They have a history and the mind has strong opinions of them.  Can we see that these judgements feed the very thing we want ‘to get rid of’?  What if what we feel is there for us and not against us?

It’s true: Our bodies want to heal.

What if the experience of sensation was divine intelligence communicating to us?  It may be letting us know that something needs resolution at the root level. The current conditions are where most people dwell.  The Infinite wants you to heal. Your friends want you to heal. Everything in the Universe is conspiring to help you heal.  

The Mind Has Other Plans

Our bodies want to heal, but the mind has other plans. It judges and overshadows our experience of sensation in the moment. For most of us, the mind is on autopilot from what’s happened in the past – all the unresolved stress that we carry. At a certain point we start paying attention to what’s really going on.  We see the hamster wheel of it all and begin to question things.  This is a sacred moment in our evolution.  This is our wake-up call.  

When we put our attention directly on the sensation that we’re feeling, we begin the triumph of heart over mind.  We may find that what ails us will begin to heal. It is in this state of awareness – not judgement – that the fire of suffering burns itself out.  – John Newton www.johnnewton.com from his event at Temple of the Living God, Saint Petersburg, FL  

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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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