Recipe For Life

How does it feel to move forward in life? Notice the different areas, one at a time: Relationship, career, financial, health or even spiritual ‘progress’. There is medicine in the sensations that arise as we consider moving forward in each area of life. Our body will let us know what the current layer is through sensation. This is the current layer of resistance, belief or judgement that doesn’t serve the highest good. This is the mantle that guides us through. Always start where you are and see what arises in this recipe for life.

Sometimes we move forward in baby steps.  Other times we may be out of the gate like a race horse. This is perfect. Your heart knows when to be the tortoise and when to be the hare. As we create our life and resolve what’s not serving us in the present, we notice forward movement. This is the case for every area of life. See for yourself as you let the heart guide you forward via your feeling nature.

Wisdom to Know the Difference

We handle the things that we can handle; the things we have access to. There are some things that we can’t handle, at least in the present experience. There is wisdom in knowing the difference, as they say. The wisdom comes from being present and feeling our way through. This is living with God, Creator, Source, Divine Mother, or whatever you like to refer to that as. 

This is a sweet way to live because it takes the burden of proof off of us as individuals. We merge with the big “I” in the present. No mind is necessary. There is so much there for us in that experience. In that – we know what serves us and our community. We don’t have to figure it all out ahead of time. We go from ‘oh!’ to ‘ahhhhh’.

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