How to Turn Conflict Into Love

Most of us have experienced the stress of a relationship gone sour. We want things with our partner to be easy, only to find the opposite. How about having intense passion and excitement in your intimate relationships without the drama? Turning conflict into love…

In order to move beyond our patterns of conflict, we need to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Most people focus on the effects in their life, instead of what is leading to the effect. Addressing the cause and effect aspect of things is the only true way to move forward in relationships (and life).

You can have your cake and eat it too…

We carry unresolved experiences from the past. They are held within our body and affect our behaviors. If you want to move beyond the quarreling, you will need to resolve these old hurts. They can span from past relationships, our childhood, or even further back into your family lineage. If you don’t resolve these old wounds, you tend to get more of the same effects in our life. It’s simple physics.

Turning conflict into love…

You must clear what is driving you to repeat painful patterns. An example could be when a life partner questions a recent purchase you’ve made, it may trigger an old memory of parents fighting over money. Because that early version of you remembers the old experience, you may react with a stronger ‘fight or flight’ response than is appropriate. This usually escalates as both partners have issues being triggered. You may even feel judged, blamed or misunderstood for what’s coming up in your partner. They may feel the same from you.

We’re never upset for the reason we think.

Healing the past hurts we carry is the key to moving forward.  The beauty of all relationships is that they can serve our evolution. They often show us those parts inside us that we need to heal. In other words, they can reveal what we carry from the past. When we observe what we feel when challenges arise in relationship, we have access to resolving them. We let our destructive reactions go and automatically turn conflict into love.

A simple recipe for life.

One of the five pillars of my practice is forgiveness. This kind of forgiveness isn’t just about saying you’re sorry. This is a powerful tool to resolve what no longer serves us. This simple recipe involves forgiveness coupled with humility and gratitude. Here is one of my YouTube videos “The True Meaning of Forgiveness”  

With clarity now in your heart, you can match the frequency of a partner that loves and respects you. You are free to experience deeper levels of love and respect. This is a sacred partnership!

Ready to move out of difficulty in your relationships and release stress and old trauma? John Newton helps people with all aspects of well-being: Physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual. To learn more about his work, visit his website


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