The Ultimate Spiritual Path

Someone recently asked me, “What is the ultimate spiritual path?” I feel that forgiveness is key to releasing the past and moving forward spiritually. Regular mantra meditation supports us releasing our attachment to the mind. Vipassana and mindfulness are a blessing as well. A good religion can point to truth and the Creator’s good works through us. There are many, many paths, but I really feel the ultimate spiritual path is the path of no path.

What does that even mean, ‘the path of no path’? How do I follow that path, you might ask. The answer is, well, you don’t. You don’t do anything. You are already that. It’s the path of surrender; the path of letting go. The awareness that arises in this experience is our connection to Creator or Source. There is one small issue with this: The mind. Since the mind doesn’t understand this, it doesn’t like it. So how do we navigate this gate keeper of the mind?

The mind doesn’t fit.

A more important question might be, why do we need the mind to like this path of no path? The mind is fixated on ‘doing something to get something’.  This doesn’t fit into our experience of no path. In order to bypass the mind, it comes down to one question. Where is our attention in the moment?

There may be thoughts, but is our attention on the thoughts, or is our attention on what’s deeper? Is our attention on where thoughts arise from or on the thoughts themselves? Is our attention on the breath? Our attention can be on stillness or silence between, before and after thoughts arise, yes?

Let’s keep it simple.

So, there are many beautiful paths. My preference is the path of ‘no path’ because it’s already here. It doesn’t require a hundred years of austerity or living in a cave. You don’t have to renounce relationships. You can even have a job. It might not always feel good, and so the mind looks for a way around. Invariably it realizes there isn’t one. It realizes that the way out is through. I feel this is the ultimate spiritual path. This work is about clearing our perception to see what’s already here. -John Newton, from his Monday Call Series

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