Aging Powerfully


I see this life we are living as a chapter in a book.  It is one chapter, not the whole story.  If we focus on aging powerfully, we must release our attachments to the past.  The more we clear things that are not of our truth and embrace more Consciousness; embrace more of that God or Source perspective in this ‘now’ chapter, the more powerful we become throughout the book of our soul.

Consider two distinct perspectives:  There’s fate – a beginning and an end to this chapter and it is determined ahead of time as it is already written. This is true from one perspective.  But from the perspective of what is revealed through this work (and other work like it), you’re shifting from what was written over to the blank page of the present moment.  This is where all paths are available and any story can be written no matter what has come before.

Aging powerfully requires work.

So many seek the easy way – the quick fix, particularly as we face aging.  Sometimes the greatest rewards are discovered when we move through a bit of resistance and not around it. Not unlike giving birth.  Our free will is like a muscle and the more we use it, the stronger it gets.  No pain, no gain.

As you work through and release old resentments, regrets and other karma from the past and embrace more Consciousness – all bets are off.  You are sliding your frequency to a another perspective that includes an entirely different version of the book.  When you live in this ‘write-as-you-go’ perspective of all possibility, you’re a completely different being in every moment – and the end of the chapter is just another beginning.” ~John Newton from his weekly call series #Consciousness #AncestralClearing #Forgiveness #ComplementaryHealing

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