On Doing Nothing

on doing nothing

What are your thoughts on doing nothing? This may be an absurd question if the mind tries to answer it.  We need to look beyond thinking to see the true answer.  The same is true with this question: What if you never did anything?   To the mind, this doesn’t even make sense.  The obvious here is that we need to move our perception beyond the mind and truly ‘see’.  It all comes down to perspective.  You are not your mind nor are ‘you’ your body.  If you were, then who were you a hundred years ago?  Not that, right?  What we are pointing to here is your true and eternal nature – never born and never dies.  It is pure awareness or consciousness and it never did anything.

Who’s On Second…

Even when it appears you are doing something physically, isn’t the body doing it?  Are you aware of the body in this present moment? Of course you are.  If you are aware of something, then you can’t be that thing you are aware of any more than you are the computer you see in front of you.  When you identify with the ‘you’ that is pure awareness – the you that is eternal – you have access to everything in all of Creation. When you are willing to do nothing – you can do anything.  When you were willing to be nothing, you have access to everything.”  – John Newton http://www.johnnewton.com from his event Sept.23rd, 2015 at Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg, FL

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