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How To Make Manifestation Work For You

Most talk about manifestation like it’s this esoteric, voodoo kind of thing. But really, you, me and everyone else is manifesting all the time. Unfortunately, very few of us are consciously manifesting what it is that lives our hearts.

Are you manifesting what you truly desire that serves you, your family, and community? Most aren’t, and it is because they’re not doing it with all of their being.

The world is ready for another renaissance – a time when more and more of us become aware of our abilities through the connection to Source energy and begin manifesting consciously. Begin manifesting with heart.

We are ready for a change. So many on this planet are unhappy – we don’t have to look far to see the suffering and disconnect of the masses. When we pay attention to where we are, we get motivated. We are ready.

The last major renaissance we experienced was in the 1960’s. Many people had experiences of higher consciousness (yes, some may have been drug induced). But most didn’t stabilize this new level of awareness because they didn’t do the necessary work. They didn’t handle the shadow side of things.

So, what happened with the 60’s renaissance? Many of these “new thought” leaders fell back into the way they were living before. As they didn’t have a solid foundation to manifest from, they fell back into the trap of familiarity and complacency. They fell back asleep and life continued to be a struggle.

What can we learn from their experience? If life is a struggle, we may feel let down – let down by other people, the Creator, or even by life itself. Over time, this can lead to disconnect and even emotional and physical pain. Many people think it’s normal to live this way. That ‘this is as good as it gets’.

The good news is that you can change your experience and become more conscious in your manifestation practice. Doing so requires that you work in “the invisible realm” of your innermost being to resolve the physics behind what’s creating what you don’t want and blocking what you do want to create.

In general, you will need to resolve these common blocks:

  1. You don’t trust what you feel. 

    Developing a trust in your own heart’s experience is critical to consciously manifesting. This is the opposite of “being in your head”.

    By not trusting your feelings, your experiences can’t truly serve you. If, however, you allow your experiences to serve you through being honest about where you are, you’ll receive the deeper meaning of that experience.

    And when you do that, you can shift either into releasing what you don’t want or into having what you do want that previously seemed out of your reach.

    Developing an ability to surrender to “what is” is critical to trusting your heart (regardless of what your mind is telling you) and consciously manifesting.

  2. You hold limiting beliefs – consciously or unconsciously. 

    Most of the time, momentum from the past shows up as a belief that you have about life. 

    It’s blind and/or unconscious adherence to these beliefs, that may have been passed down from generation to generation in your family, that can block your ability to manifest consciously.

    These beliefs can pull you back into the trap of familiarity and complacency. Their momentum is difficult to overcome until you become aware of them.

These blocks may seem incredibly obvious and simplistic at first, but becoming aware of them in your own life requires diligence, a deep desire to shift from the old way to a life of ease, and grace

Developing a spiritual practice that resolves your blocks is critical for conscious manifestation. And it’s by releasing past tethers (karma) and any limiting beliefs that you can have whatever it is that lives in your heart.

Doing this work will open your life to more possibility. It will shift your momentum to create a foundation of a true and permanent renaissance that ushers the entire planet to a higher level of consciousness.

How to Turn Conflict Into Love

Most of us have experienced the stress of a relationship gone sour. We want things with our partner to be easy, only to find the opposite. How about having intense passion and excitement in your intimate relationships without the drama? Turning conflict into love…

In order to move beyond our patterns of conflict, we need to see what’s going on beneath the surface. Most people focus on the effects in their life, instead of what is leading to the effect. Addressing the cause and effect aspect of things is the only true way to move forward in relationships (and life).

You can have your cake and eat it too…

We carry unresolved experiences from the past. They are held within our body and affect our behaviors. If you want to move beyond the quarreling, you will need to resolve these old hurts. They can span from past relationships, our childhood, or even further back into your family lineage. If you don’t resolve these old wounds, you tend to get more of the same effects in our life. It’s simple physics.

Turning conflict into love…

You must clear what is driving you to repeat painful patterns. An example could be when a life partner questions a recent purchase you’ve made, it may trigger an old memory of parents fighting over money. Because that early version of you remembers the old experience, you may react with a stronger ‘fight or flight’ response than is appropriate. This usually escalates as both partners have issues being triggered. You may even feel judged, blamed or misunderstood for what’s coming up in your partner. They may feel the same from you.

We’re never upset for the reason we think.

Healing the past hurts we carry is the key to moving forward.  The beauty of all relationships is that they can serve our evolution. They often show us those parts inside us that we need to heal. In other words, they can reveal what we carry from the past. When we observe what we feel when challenges arise in relationship, we have access to resolving them. We let our destructive reactions go and automatically turn conflict into love.

A simple recipe for life.

One of the five pillars of my practice is forgiveness. This kind of forgiveness isn’t just about saying you’re sorry. This is a powerful tool to resolve what no longer serves us. This simple recipe involves forgiveness coupled with humility and gratitude. Here is one of my YouTube videos “The True Meaning of Forgiveness”  

With clarity now in your heart, you can match the frequency of a partner that loves and respects you. You are free to experience deeper levels of love and respect. This is a sacred partnership!

Ready to move out of difficulty in your relationships and release stress and old trauma? John Newton helps people with all aspects of well-being: Physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual. To learn more about his work, visit his website


How Past Experiences From Your Ancestors Affect You Today

Have you ever wondered how past expereinces from your ancestors affect you today? Do you remember your first car? Mine was a hand-me-down that had been in the family for quite a while. She wasn’t pretty and had some issues, but she usually got me where I needed to go. Like my first car, the physical body I was born into came from my family, too. Just like yours. How does this most important of all hand-me-downs work for you? Does it have some issues?

Healing past experiences may be key to moving forward.

It is known in science that we carry stress and trauma from the past. It may be from this life we’ve lived, or it may be from our family — going back many generations. We don’t carry all the past experiences from our lineage, but it doesn’t take much to throw the system off. If we want to have the best life experience, it may serve us to do some repairs on our “vehicle” in life.

We need to pay attention to where we actually are if we want to heal the past. If our car isn’t running well, it may be best to pull over and see what the issue is – to look under the hood. If the truth sets us free, then we need to see what that truth is.

One problem we have is that most people don’t listen to their bodies. If something inside doesn’t feel good, they don’t pay attention to what it’s really about. If we want a new experience in life, then we have to do things differently. It’s just plain and simple physics. Working with many chronic pain patients over the years, I’ve seen that unresolved stress, resentment, grief and even regret tend to come back in different forms.

History tends to repeat itself.

The actors in our play may change, but the frequency of it feels the same. So let’s rewrite our story. Let’s clear the charge to past experiences so they don’t have power over us. Forgiveness is the key keeping this whole process as simple as possible.

True Forgiveness means to ‘let go’ or ‘offer up’. This work is not about reliving the old hurts. It is about accessing the higher power of our understanding with humility and gratitude. It’s about asking the Creator for help in letting go of what doesn’t serve us. When we clear the old burdens, stress, karma and negative imprints that aren’t serving us, we start to notice more peace.

When we clear the charge to past experiences, we start to notice more free will available to us. It doesn’t matter what has come before, as long as it doesn’t have a charge. When I see what’s behind the scenes at a haunted house on Halloween, it’s not scary anymore. And that’s also true in life. Pull back the curtain, see what’s there. Then you can deal with it and move on to a life of infinite possibility. You embrace the life you were meant to live.

Recipe For Life

How does it feel to move forward in life? Notice the different areas, one at a time: Relationship, career, financial, health or even spiritual ‘progress’. There is medicine in the sensations that arise as we consider moving forward in each area of life. Our body will let us know what the current layer is through sensation. This is the current layer of resistance, belief or judgement that doesn’t serve the highest good. This is the mantle that guides us through. Always start where you are and see what arises in this recipe for life.

Sometimes we move forward in baby steps.  Other times we may be out of the gate like a race horse. This is perfect. Your heart knows when to be the tortoise and when to be the hare. As we create our life and resolve what’s not serving us in the present, we notice forward movement. This is the case for every area of life. See for yourself as you let the heart guide you forward via your feeling nature.

Wisdom to Know the Difference

We handle the things that we can handle; the things we have access to. There are some things that we can’t handle, at least in the present experience. There is wisdom in knowing the difference, as they say. The wisdom comes from being present and feeling our way through. This is living with God, Creator, Source, Divine Mother, or whatever you like to refer to that as. 

This is a sweet way to live because it takes the burden of proof off of us as individuals. We merge with the big “I” in the present. No mind is necessary. There is so much there for us in that experience. In that – we know what serves us and our community. We don’t have to figure it all out ahead of time. We go from ‘oh!’ to ‘ahhhhh’.

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing. You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

The Ultimate Spiritual Path

Someone recently asked me, “What is the ultimate spiritual path?” I feel that forgiveness is key to releasing the past and moving forward spiritually. Regular mantra meditation supports us releasing our attachment to the mind. Vipassana and mindfulness are a blessing as well. A good religion can point to truth and the Creator’s good works through us. There are many, many paths, but I really feel the ultimate spiritual path is the path of no path.

What does that even mean, ‘the path of no path’? How do I follow that path, you might ask. The answer is, well, you don’t. You don’t do anything. You are already that. It’s the path of surrender; the path of letting go. The awareness that arises in this experience is our connection to Creator or Source. There is one small issue with this: The mind. Since the mind doesn’t understand this, it doesn’t like it. So how do we navigate this gate keeper of the mind?

The mind doesn’t fit.

A more important question might be, why do we need the mind to like this path of no path? The mind is fixated on ‘doing something to get something’.  This doesn’t fit into our experience of no path. In order to bypass the mind, it comes down to one question. Where is our attention in the moment?

There may be thoughts, but is our attention on the thoughts, or is our attention on what’s deeper? Is our attention on where thoughts arise from or on the thoughts themselves? Is our attention on the breath? Our attention can be on stillness or silence between, before and after thoughts arise, yes?

Let’s keep it simple.

So, there are many beautiful paths. My preference is the path of ‘no path’ because it’s already here. It doesn’t require a hundred years of austerity or living in a cave. You don’t have to renounce relationships. You can even have a job. It might not always feel good, and so the mind looks for a way around. Invariably it realizes there isn’t one. It realizes that the way out is through. I feel this is the ultimate spiritual path. This work is about clearing our perception to see what’s already here. -John Newton, from his Monday Call Series

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing. You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

Ending Chronic Pain

For people that suffer from chronic pain, life can be a constant struggle. Chronic pain can make it impossible for them to see who they would be without it. Over time the brain forms neural pathways that form a closed loop of suffering. If we want help ending chronic pain, we must look outside of this vicious circle.

More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s more than a third of the population. The estimates for the financial cost of this are now around $650 billion a year in the United States alone.  When something hurts, the majority of people ignore it, or take a pill so that it goes away.  That’s like a pilot covering up an engine warning light instead of landing the plane and addressing the problem.  

If you think about it, it’s quite absurd that we try and get rid of the very thing that’s trying to get our attention.  I am not saying not to take pills. I am suggesting however, that we might want to look deeper into the root of it. The cause of why our body isn’t healing on it’s own needs addressing.  We have a highly sensitive nervous system and it gives us feedback on virtually every experience we have.  If we don’t give our attention to the subtle warning signs, they tend to get bigger over time – often turning into chronic experiences. 

A way out of chronic pain

What this work and many studies have shown is that chronic physical pain and unresolved emotional hurts are often intertwined.  We are not discounting actual injuries, conditions or even our diagnosis.  However, when things aren’t healing on their own, we may need to look deeper. It may serve us to see old emotional hurts that may be creating stress in our lives. This are unresolved experiences that our bodies still remember. Studies show that stress not only affects our ability to heal, but also a myriad of other aspects of life.  When we resolve this stress at the root level, this may help us align with a life free of pain. A life of possibility.

Your body is intelligent.

Our bodies are intelligent.  We evolved from primordial soup.  This intelligence inside of us is like an organic supercomputer.  It has access to far more than the mind. Our brain is more like a hard drive with a fixed amount of memory.   Our inner Intelligence that is beyond the mind, is unlimited because our consciousness is unlimited.  The only limitation to consciousness is our experience of it – the depth to which we surrender to it.  

Are you committed to ending chronic pain? They say if we keep doing the same thing, we get the same result. Are you willing to try something new? Do you want to experience something more profound than current scientific understanding? How much are we willing to get out of our own way?   You can be right, or you can be well.  We can’t always have both.  ~ John Newton from his April Call Series: “The Gift of Pain” 

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing.  You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

When Do You Surrender?

When do you surrender?  We’re not referring to surrendering to external events or people, although they may be involved in our experience.  We could see this as the stage of our life and they are actors within it.  Each experience, however, points to something internal.  In every situation, there’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your resolve. A choice to really go inside and ask “What is coming up inside of me in this situation? What’s the gift for me here?”  

First and foremost we need to handle what’s going on inside of us. This is not an intellectual process. We’re talking of surrender at the most simple, yet profound level.  In martial arts, our true opponent is within.  Once you handle this internal opponent, your external opponents can return to the nothing from which they came.  You may be like a spiritual ninja: You won’t find them and they won’t find you.

Could it be this simple?

So when do you surrender? Really, the question is when do we not surrender? Because in every moment, we have the choice ‘to be’. This is the awareness of being present. When this occurs, we have the ability to see and let go of our part in the equation.  This is a rare event, because most of humanity is coming from the mind, the intellect, or the separate ‘me’.  This small mind-only perspective doesn’t have all the information necessary for resolution of the problem.

In Twelve Step recovery programs, Step One states: “We admitted that our lives had become unmanageable.”  What we are really saying is “I of myself cannot handle this.”  Often it will be that life has become so overwhelming painful and we realize that we can’t do it alone.  In that moment of grace, we have the experience of surrender to our inner truth.  When we surrender the judgment, the story, the separate “I” and even the past, we see what’s left:  ‘Being’ itself and that we are not alone at all in this.

So when you surrender, what is it that you gain?  Well, you stop feeding the problem. You stop reacting to things you might not have control over. When we’re re-acting, we’re acting it out again and again.  There may be different actors, but it’s the same play, the same feeling.  We can surrender inside or we can keep reacting to the circumstance, the impossible person, or whatever that external event is.  We don’t surrender to get what we want. That is not actually surrender.  We’re referring to true surrender.  Feel that.  If the mind doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, that’s perfect because it doesn’t fit there anyway.

Benefits of Surrender

We often don’t want to surrender the little bit of control that we think we have.  However we can start being a part of the solution. We can reclaim the energy that we were expending to keep this adversarial relationship going. In this, we gain clarity; insight and we’re able to see more. We surrender our small point of view and we start to see the big picture.  We also get our true inner strength back as well as our free will.  We’re able to have this infinite well to draw on that gives us the ability to handle whatever needs to be handled.

The Impossible Becomes Possible

Your surrender grants you crystal clarity and the ability to see through what may have seemed impossible.  Where we might have focused on the trees and lost sight of the forest, we’re now able to see through the maya.  An illusion that seemed so real when we held onto the old point of view. A version that included frustration, anger, resentment, guilt, or fear.  When we feel what’s deeper, we go beyond emotional labels and wisdom is revealed.  We tap into that Eternal Intelligence that comes from being on the inside looking out, instead of outside looking to get in.  In that state of grace, you are guided into divine right action in every circumstance.  

This experience may not always be pleasant because the ego or the false “I” is trying to protect what doesn’t feel good.  When we bypass the mind and surrender into that discomfort directly, it can’t keep feeding itself.  We see It was the protection itself that was keeping it alive and real.

When we surrender, we have the support of nature and the intelligence of creation – all that is, was and ever will be.  They say the meek will inherit the earth.  When you surrender, you are the ultimate of meek and the paradox is that you now are the most powerful. ~ John Newton, from his Weekly Call Series
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Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing.  You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

We Are All Seekers

Are you a seeker? I feel we are all seekers in some form, however we are all in different stages of our spiritual path. Some of us are endlessly seeking; maybe even addicted to it.  On our path, we eventually reach a point where what we’re seeking ‘out there’ isn’t doing it for us. We may even reach a stage of discontent. When we stop everything and find stillness for a moment or a breath, we see what’s really here – what we may have been running from.

There is something profound about seeing what’s unresolved in our life experience. When we take responsibility and clean that up, we get in integrity with our heart. This is often the beginning of our true path as we discover the purpose for being. All that ‘out there’ becomes much more rewarding because it’s reflecting the fullness of truth already inside us.

What seekers have in common

We want to make sure we’re not using the external world as a distraction from our awakening.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of desire and consumption.  There are many hungry ghosts walking the planet who never get full no matter how much they eat.  When we wake up and have that cognition of being the ‘I am that I am’ presence, the work is done. The river is now flowing in the direction it was designed to flow. As you begin releasing, clearing, and moving forward with integrity – you’ve started an object in motion and that momentum is a powerful force. 

Notice what you feel inside.  This connects you with what’s real and is the experience of being one with all of creation; all that’s appearing in consciousness. It’s a trusted friend with open arms that is always available.  The experience of this endless field of presence is without boundaries so there’s no more hitting bottom. If we believe ‘all is lost’, this is only a mental constraint or a construct of the ego. When we’re okay with the experience of being, no matter what arises as sensation, you are free from suffering and are not a seeker any longer. ~John Newton from his Monday Night Call Series “The Deception of a Spiritual Path” #AncestralClearing #Consciousness #ComplementaryHealing

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing.  You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

What Do We Really Know?

Mental understanding can influence and affect our perception of Truth. So what do we really know?  If I understand what love is when I go into a relationship, can you see this might limit my experience? At the minimum, my expectations – negative or positive – affect what I perceive, what I know is possible and of course my behavior.  Behavior affects our results which affect our beliefs and so the cycle goes.  It’s easy to see this in others, but are we open to seeing what we might be up to behind the scenes?

We are so much more than what we ‘think’ we are.

If Truth is the ocean, does the ocean fit in the bucket of the mind?  If I only identify with the mind, that’s all I can know – all I can contain.  What we must realize is that the mind can only come from what it knows. This is an often distorted view formed by past events from our life as well as the lives of our parents and ancestors.  We can see that this narrow point of view probably didn’t work for them.  How would we be any different for us?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result: We know where that ends up!

A sweet experience…

Expanding my perception of truth: If I’m willing to surrender that mental identity; if I’m willing to surrender what I know – even for a sacred breath, then the Infinite can fill me. Relating this to Lao Tsu, I can see that even the simple act of ‘doing nothing’ reveals what’s already present:  That I am already full of the ocean of consciousness. I can identify with this ocean instead of a bucket full of something else.  – John Newton 30 July 16 from his Monthly Free Call

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing.  You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

Your Ancestors Are Smiling

We, like our ancestors before us, are all superconductive. Our cells, our nervous system, our whole being is communicating with creation beyond the limits of time and space. What a responsibility we have!  Imagine what this butterfly effect could have on humanity when we clear our nervous systems of the old debris and limitation that has tethered us for as long as we can remember.  Can you feel the calling deep in your bones? Can you feel it even deeper in your heart?  

The Time Is Now

The sweetness of this work is that it can reverberate out across dimensions. The binds that limited all those that came before are only there as long as we carry them.  Forgiveness sets us free of limitation from the past.  Can you see the simple physics of this?  I feel we keep our own score.  The promise is that we have free will.  But is it free if we don’t use it?

You are not limited by the Creator – quite the opposite.  You are created in the image and likeness of that which created all that is, was and ever will be. Let this good news inspire you to bring forth what has laid dormant in your heart.  Your divine purpose awaits.  You need not look for it as it is already present.  The real question is, are you?  

Let not the mind put off your calling by focusing on what needs to happen first.  Momentum comes from the moment.  Stillness.  Here and now.  All you need is here waiting patiently for you to show up.  This stillness and all the sensations within will lead, guide and direct you in perfect order.  Your chariot awaits…

Ancestors and healing

Your ancestors are smiling as you take a stand and break the patterns of suffering that have plagued humanity for so long. The answer to the questions you seek is within you.  And it does not fit into the mind.  – John Newton 01 Aug 2016 from his Monday Call Series

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing.  You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

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John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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