Free Will - You Always Have One Choice

You always have one choice in life no matter what’s happening:  Where you put your attention.  This seemingly small perception is actually the root of free will. Most people put their attention on what’s showing up ‘outside’, especially when things in their life are intense.  We can see this when people slow down to get a good look at recent car accident. It’s like they can’t help themselves.

We become what we judge.

If there is struggle in our life, it almost always goes hand in hand with judgement about what’s happening. We always have the ability to shift our attention within.  When our attention is on what we’re present to in our nervous system, we notice sensations in the body. This is not the same as emotional labels however. When navigating life, it’s better to be inside this vessel we were given. This is our interface with physical reality. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be inside a moving car if we want to get somewhere?  

In regards to the one choice we always have, I feel the ability to exercise this free will extends beyond this lifetime.  At the end of our physical journey, we drop our body but we still have awareness. After death, we still have the free will of where we put our attention.  As we practice this now, it becomes more and more a part of us.  This could prove to be a blessing on our next journey – whatever you believe this to be.

It’s an inside job.

Where attention goes, energy flows and they even say in the bible “what we fear comes upon us.”  Even more reason to stay within!  In the flow of physical sensation, you enter into presence. This brings with it the intelligence that takes you to your true nature – and it’s right here, right now.” – John Newton from his Monday Call Series

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