Putting Holy Back in the Holidays

Holidays can be a powerful ritual. To put the holy back in the holidays, first see that holy comes from ‘whole’. Holidays allow us to dive deeper into aspects of our wholeness. So holy days, especially the ones around the end of the year represent renewal and rebirth. For Hanukkah, it’s about rebuilding or renewing the temple. Christmas is of course about the birth of the savior. 

Even on Bodhi Day, Buddhists celebrate Siddhartha being still under the Bodhi Tree. It was there he had his commitment and surrender to enlightenment. If you look at the word ‘enlighten’, even that says ‘wholeness’ because it’s connecting back to the light of Source. Source before the division of light into creation. And for the Buddha it was a present moment experience, which to me is symbolized by so many traditions. Again, It’s about wholeness.

The True Gifts Are Inside Us

So if the holidays are about renewal and rebirth, and the rewards are the gifts that this offers, most of humanity has gotten off course. For many, it’s become about the material gifts only, right? So when we receive a gift or want gifts for the sake of gifts alone, there’s an emptiness in this. And you notice kids on Christmas Eve or Hanukkah, they get their gifts and then after a while, the gifts lose their luster. That is because down deep, we know it’s not about the gifts per se. But if we do the inner work so that the gifts show up internally, then outer gifts are a reflection of this.

A Divided Mind and Heart

We really want to experience wholeness within ourselves. The mind and the heart have become divided for most people. Where does wholeness live? It lives in the heart and it lives in the present. So how do we stay in the present? How do we receive the gifts that are in this present moment? I firmly feel that the true gifts are already here in some form. We just don’t perceive them because our perception has been fragmented. All of our senses are being filtered through a brain that’s not functioning optimally because of all that we carry. All of the unresolved baggage from the past.

We need to reconnect to truth. Many people celebrate Christmas. Christ means to christen; christen means to anoint with oil; oil means truth. What if we were to anoint ourselves with the truth of the present moment? The truth that leads us to take responsibility for what it is that we carry, instead of trying to reach for the feel-good, for the distraction, for anything other than the truth. Most of humanity is spending time reacting to what lives inside of them. And it’s become pressed down into the unconscious. Freedom from this bondage however, arises when we bring it into the consciousness of this moment. 

Einstein said, “What we call ‘matter’ is energy whose vibrations have been lowered to be perceived by the senses.” This energy is consciousness that has been lowered to be perceived by the nervous system. What would cause a frequency to be lowered? It’s our reactivity to the past that does the lowering.

Gifts that Reflect Grace

So, something happened in the past and It doesn’t feel good in the body. The mind comes in and makes it mean something. It judges it, and in doing so drives it down deeper into our sensational realm and where it lives in us, only to attract more similar type of experiences.

The grace is that our cosmic and true Self is the observer. The more we are willing to observe what is here; what we carry, the more freedom we will experience. The freedom to receive the real gifts, not the gifts the ego thinks that it wants, but the true gifts from the heart.  Gifts of the heart that reflect back the fullness of who you are. – John Newton www.healthbeyondbelief.com

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