Making Peace with the Inner Child

We are all familiar with the inner child.  What we may not realize however, is that there is more than one living inside our nervous system.  When the earliest versions of us experienced stressful conditions or even trauma, we formed opinions and beliefs. These became a part of our narrative.  These beliefs can be about parents, relationships, money, the Creator and just about anything else you can think of.  These fragmented versions of us can have a significant effect on our current life experiences. They can limit our ability to heal, release stress and abate addiction.

Our Access to Releasing the Past

In order for us to move forward in life and reclaim our free will, we must resolve the early versions of us. What we feel inside our bodies actually gives us access to releasing the old hurts.  This experience of negative emotions and their accompanying thoughts seem to be about the present. When we look deeper, we begin to uncover the root level of the hurt. This is where we observe that it’s a repeat of something much older.

This contribution to the program we have running can’t be overlooked if we want to move forward from our highest truth. Even our access to consciousness – being able to perceive the ‘I am that I am’ may be overshadowed by this unresolved burden.

What’s helpful to know is the early versions of us seek validation.  When ‘they’ feel heard, understood and acknowledged – they tend to lose their hold on us. We may also find more of our free will available.  This can lead to a life of possibility instead of more of the same.  – John Newton, from his Monday Call Series, episode “Making Peace with the inner Child”, 21 March 2016 

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