The Power of Humility

power of humility

We don’t often equate the power of humility with “power”.  Over the ages, humanity has sought power ‘out there’ and in turn looked to dominate people and the environment.  This has been to the detriment of millions of souls, as well as the Earth itself.  Don’t you feel it’s time for a new paradigm?  

To humble means to lower ourself, but not in a negative way.  Active humility shifts our identity with the ego or false ‘I’ to our true eternal nature.  The paradox of this is we find higher ground without the constraints of the ‘small I’.  When we truly humble ourselves, the tradeoff is that we live with The Creator – that which authored All That Is.  All of the holy texts ever written can’t hold a candle to you having this direct experience. 

The Earth Needs ‘You’ – the Power of Humility

It’s simple physics:  The more of me in my life, the less of the Creator.  The more Creator, the less of me.  If you look a bit deeper into the root meaning of humility, it comes from ‘humus’, which means earth – to lower our self.  Again, this is not debasing or in an unworthiness sense – this would be a mistake of the intellect.  We are simply acknowledging our connection to the earth.   We are accepting and making peace with the limited human part of our self and at the same time accepting the cosmic and eternal version that’s always present.  We can have our cake and eat it too.  Just trade the little “i” point of view for what the big “I” offers. – John Newton from his weekly call series topic:  “The Power of Humility”

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