Revelation in the Stillness

revelationFinding revelation in the stillness in this moment reveals what we feel inside. When we stop all of the outer seeking, desperation, and chaos in the present, we find truth in the body – what we are feeling; the sensation we are present to.  When we let go of labeling and judging whatever it is we feel inside, we become the witness to stillness and the intelligence woven with in it.  Stillness doesn’t mean there’s not an outer action. People think one should sit in a cave and not do anything.  This would be the mind’s interpretation of stillness and one would be missing the mark. The paradox of living in this experience of stillness is that more gets done and in a way that far exceeds the mind’s ability – and in a way that serves us and our heart, our lives, and our community.

Revelation: You are so much more than you think

When action springs from the part of us that’s always still, we are living the truth that sets us free.  This aspect of us is beyond the limitations of time and space.  One could even say this well of stillness is where our intuition arises from.  This is how you can feel contracted when you meet someone new as your body tells you not to date them.  You just avoided a long and painful relationship experience!  When we listen, this well provides all that we truly need on our journey and in the perfect order that serves us.  Welcome home!

Even when action is happening, there is an awareness. There is a still awareness always.” – John Newton  John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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