Merging with the Light

There are many seekers.  Most seek fulfillment in the world ‘out there’ and they eventually find it elludes them.  If reality is a multi-dimensional reflection of what’s inside us, wouldn’t it make sense that chasing our own tail would be futile?  What if we already contain that which we seek and it’s the seeking itself that keeps it at bay?  Maybe it’s best if we stop seeking for a sacred moment and being ‘seeing’. This is truly merging with the light.

We Can’t Eat the Menu

Some religions have externalized everything including God.  The teachings may point to a deeper and direct experience of The Creator, however one must read between the lines to get this.  Some of these teachings may have left us further away from communion with God than had we not been exposed to them.  Spiritual insight and holy scripture is great, however we might not want to just stay with the words any more than we would hold onto the menu in lieu of the meal.  As we’ve shared before, you can’t eat the menu.

Time For the Meal

So we’re hungry for truth.  We are hungry for more out of life even when life may be giving us everything we want.  What we truly need sometimes is to halt the search.  This may lead us to feel what’s deeper. It is here we begin living with Source instead of anything less. It could be that seeking the Light, love, joy, and enlightenment creates the reflection of it eluding us. You are Light. You are love. You are joy. You are enlightenment itself.  But more importantly:  You are that. ~John Newton from “Merging with The Light” – A Weekly Call Series Topic

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