The Power of the Present Moment

The forces that are acting on our life are the momentum of past experiences.  If we want to move forward in a healthy, neutral way, we need to affect what’s affecting us. In order to experience the power of the present moment, we need to access more than the mind. How can we access this flow of well-being and clarity when the mind seems to overshadow consciousness?

There is a flow of intelligence through all living and arguably non-living things.  This intelligence is available to us as well. It’s here in the present.  Most people live in the mind. The mind only has access to the past and the future.  Notice the experience of thinking. Now see what is aware of thinking.

The Key to Experiencing Universal Intelligence

The key is for us to experience pure awareness in the here and now; the present moment. This flow is unlimited unless we filter it through the mind.  This direct experience beyond the mind allows us to tap into the universal intelligence of creation.  It is in this field that we can heal what has come before.

The mind seeks external power because it doesn’t have any of it’s own. The being-ness that you are however is one with true power. This is not power over others, but alignment with our heart and in service to higher good. This access of healthy, balanced power can help end human suffering.

Ancestral Clearing to Release the Past

With the practice of Ancestral Clearing, we resolve past experiences that feel painful and limiting in our life. This new found peace and clarity supports us in being present as well. It also supports us showing up fully in our life.  In this experience of possibility, you have access to resolving the forces from the past.  This simple access to the intelligence of nature supports all areas of well-being.  -John Newton

Experience a life of possibility by releasing the past with Ancestral Clearing. You can watch free videos to support your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being here.

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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