The True Nature of Love

When we give ourselves permission to be where we are, without judgment, we begin to see our true nature. We see the true nature of love.  Can we love where we are?  Are we willing to love this here and now experience even when it doesn’t feel ‘good’?  Especially when it doesn’t feel good?  Something magical happens when we follow through with this.  If we’re always trying to get ‘there’, we’re never okay with ‘here’.  ‘There’ keeps alluding us because when we get to where we thought ‘there’ was, it extends off even farther still.  

The True Nature of Love

If we allow ourselves to be ‘here’ and accept and surrender and appreciate and feel this now ‘here-ness’ without conditions, we’re back in the flow of Intelligence; the flow of well-being.  We’re in that ‘I am’ state of being, and then ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ because it’s a frequency match.  If we lower our vibration through judgment, expectation, or past imprints that we refuse to forego, forgive, or move forward from – then we aren’t loving ourself nor can we be open to love from others.

It’s a beautiful thing to surrender to where we are and see what we feel. This is the opposite of the judgment that kept us bound to the past; kept us feeling stuck.  We want to go as deep as we can; to where there’s no depth left.  This is absolute surrender. In that, true love arises. The kind of true love that doesn’t need an object or a person. It just is, and that is your true nature.  ~ John Newton from “The True Nature of Love” Weekly Call Series Topic

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