We Are All Seekers

Are you a seeker? I feel we are all seekers in some form, however we are all in different stages of our spiritual path. Some of us are endlessly seeking; maybe even addicted to it.  On our path, we eventually reach a point where what we’re seeking ‘out there’ isn’t doing it for us. We may even reach a stage of discontent. When we stop everything and find stillness for a moment or a breath, we see what’s really here – what we may have been running from.

There is something profound about seeing what’s unresolved in our life experience. When we take responsibility and clean that up, we get in integrity with our heart. This is often the beginning of our true path as we discover the purpose for being. All that ‘out there’ becomes much more rewarding because it’s reflecting the fullness of truth already inside us.

What seekers have in common

We want to make sure we’re not using the external world as a distraction from our awakening.  It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of desire and consumption.  There are many hungry ghosts walking the planet who never get full no matter how much they eat.  When we wake up and have that cognition of being the ‘I am that I am’ presence, the work is done. The river is now flowing in the direction it was designed to flow. As you begin releasing, clearing, and moving forward with integrity – you’ve started an object in motion and that momentum is a powerful force. 

Notice what you feel inside.  This connects you with what’s real and is the experience of being one with all of creation; all that’s appearing in consciousness. It’s a trusted friend with open arms that is always available.  The experience of this endless field of presence is without boundaries so there’s no more hitting bottom. If we believe ‘all is lost’, this is only a mental constraint or a construct of the ego. When we’re okay with the experience of being, no matter what arises as sensation, you are free from suffering and are not a seeker any longer. ~John Newton from his Monday Night Call Series “The Deception of a Spiritual Path” #AncestralClearing #Consciousness #ComplementaryHealing http://www.johnnewton.com

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