What Do We Really Know?

Mental understanding can influence and affect our perception of Truth. So what do we really know?  If I understand what love is when I go into a relationship, can you see this might limit my experience? At the minimum, my expectations – negative or positive – affect what I perceive, what I know is possible and of course my behavior.  Behavior affects our results which affect our beliefs and so the cycle goes.  It’s easy to see this in others, but are we open to seeing what we might be up to behind the scenes?

We are so much more than what we ‘think’ we are.

If Truth is the ocean, does the ocean fit in the bucket of the mind?  If I only identify with the mind, that’s all I can know – all I can contain.  What we must realize is that the mind can only come from what it knows. This is an often distorted view formed by past events from our life as well as the lives of our parents and ancestors.  We can see that this narrow point of view probably didn’t work for them.  How would we be any different for us?  Doing the same thing and expecting a different result: We know where that ends up!

A sweet experience…

Expanding my perception of truth: If I’m willing to surrender that mental identity; if I’m willing to surrender what I know – even for a sacred breath, then the Infinite can fill me. Relating this to Lao Tsu, I can see that even the simple act of ‘doing nothing’ reveals what’s already present:  That I am already full of the ocean of consciousness. I can identify with this ocean instead of a bucket full of something else.  – John Newton 30 July 16 from his Monthly Free Call www.healthbeyondbelief.com

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