When Do You Surrender?

When do you surrender?  We’re not referring to surrendering to external events or people, although they may be involved in our experience.  We could see this as the stage of our life and they are actors within it.  Each experience, however, points to something internal.  In every situation, there’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your resolve. A choice to really go inside and ask “What is coming up inside of me in this situation? What’s the gift for me here?”  

First and foremost we need to handle what’s going on inside of us. This is not an intellectual process. We’re talking of surrender at the most simple, yet profound level.  In martial arts, our true opponent is within.  Once you handle this internal opponent, your external opponents can return to the nothing from which they came.  You may be like a spiritual ninja: You won’t find them and they won’t find you.

Could it be this simple?

So when do you surrender? Really, the question is when do we not surrender? Because in every moment, we have the choice ‘to be’. This is the awareness of being present. When this occurs, we have the ability to see and let go of our part in the equation.  This is a rare event, because most of humanity is coming from the mind, the intellect, or the separate ‘me’.  This small mind-only perspective doesn’t have all the information necessary for resolution of the problem.

In Twelve Step recovery programs, Step One states: “We admitted that our lives had become unmanageable.”  What we are really saying is “I of myself cannot handle this.”  Often it will be that life has become so overwhelming painful and we realize that we can’t do it alone.  In that moment of grace, we have the experience of surrender to our inner truth.  When we surrender the judgment, the story, the separate “I” and even the past, we see what’s left:  ‘Being’ itself and that we are not alone at all in this.

So when you surrender, what is it that you gain?  Well, you stop feeding the problem. You stop reacting to things you might not have control over. When we’re re-acting, we’re acting it out again and again.  There may be different actors, but it’s the same play, the same feeling.  We can surrender inside or we can keep reacting to the circumstance, the impossible person, or whatever that external event is.  We don’t surrender to get what we want. That is not actually surrender.  We’re referring to true surrender.  Feel that.  If the mind doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, that’s perfect because it doesn’t fit there anyway.

Benefits of Surrender

We often don’t want to surrender the little bit of control that we think we have.  However we can start being a part of the solution. We can reclaim the energy that we were expending to keep this adversarial relationship going. In this, we gain clarity; insight and we’re able to see more. We surrender our small point of view and we start to see the big picture.  We also get our true inner strength back as well as our free will.  We’re able to have this infinite well to draw on that gives us the ability to handle whatever needs to be handled.

The Impossible Becomes Possible

Your surrender grants you crystal clarity and the ability to see through what may have seemed impossible.  Where we might have focused on the trees and lost sight of the forest, we’re now able to see through the maya.  An illusion that seemed so real when we held onto the old point of view. A version that included frustration, anger, resentment, guilt, or fear.  When we feel what’s deeper, we go beyond emotional labels and wisdom is revealed.  We tap into that Eternal Intelligence that comes from being on the inside looking out, instead of outside looking to get in.  In that state of grace, you are guided into divine right action in every circumstance.  

This experience may not always be pleasant because the ego or the false “I” is trying to protect what doesn’t feel good.  When we bypass the mind and surrender into that discomfort directly, it can’t keep feeding itself.  We see It was the protection itself that was keeping it alive and real.

When we surrender, we have the support of nature and the intelligence of creation – all that is, was and ever will be.  They say the meek will inherit the earth.  When you surrender, you are the ultimate of meek and the paradox is that you now are the most powerful. ~ John Newton, from his Weekly Call Series
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