Who Are You?

When you ask yourself the age old question, Who am I?, what do you notice? Let me ask you another question: Who were you a hundred years ago? Answers that arise in the mind point to impermanent things. If something is impermanent, it’s not real. It’s not real because it comes and goes. Things can appear, but that doesn’t make them real. We may experience them; taste them; we can even learn from them. But that doesn’t mean they’re real in the Infinite realm. So who are you?

You don’t fit into your mind.

What if I asked you the question, Who are you?, but told you the answer doesn’t fit into the mind? In other words, if the mind answers the question, that’s not the answer. This adjustment to your self inquiry could save you thousands of years of seeking. Notice what is present even before and after this question arises. Do you notice the awareness?

Self inquiry doesn’t change or affect who you truly are. You are consciousness itself. -John Newton, 28 Jan 16 excerpt from his Advanced Call Series “The Nature of Awakening” call www.helpbeyondbelief.com #AncestralClearing #ComplementaryHealing #Forgiveness #Consciousness

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