Commitment to Waking Up

commitmentHealing is an inside job that requires commitment.  We may find professional help ‘out there’, but the first step is in our commitment.  Commitment is the mother of necessity.  Often we reach a point of suffering when we will do whatever it takes.  This is a blessed moment on one’s journey – you have broken the cycle.   The root meaning of healing is simple:  To make whole again; wholeness; holy.  It’s about saying yes to what lives inside of us so we can reclaim our well-being in a real and profound way.

Where Do We Start on Commitment?

There is a reason for commitment in our lives. It’s not there as a random, haphazard, one-foot-out-of-the-door circumstance. When we commit to something, we commit to our Self. We commit to the Infinite. We commit to doing whatever it takes to waking up in the process. We are all-in no matter what it takes.  That’s a powerful commitment.

Being committed means we are willing. Not traditional will power of the mind, but will of our entire being.  A willingness is all that’s necessary to begin our journey. Who would we be with our new commitment?  Who would we be without our stress and dis-ease?  If we don’t know and we are okay with not knowing – then you are ready.  You have set forces in motion and in motion they will stay…   When you’re really ready on all levels, it’s not about time. It’s about timing. And it’s not about ‘if’ – it’s about when. And since it’s all here in the present moment with you, it’s not even about when anymore. It’s about being in the flow of who you really are.” – John Newton

John Newton considers his work to be complementary to the work of doctors, therapists, and other health care practitioners, not an alternative to their care.

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