Stillness Leads to Forgiveness

When we are in doubt or feeling turmoil in life, sometimes all that is needed is stillness. We stop everything for a moment and allow our experience of Divine intelligence to be revealed. The power of stillness is inspiring. This awareness of truth isn’t a mental understanding as much as it is a willingness to be present at the deepest level of being.

When we invite all body sensation into our field, pleasant or not, we release the spin of judgment and see the lie of the mind for what it is: A shadow of the truth. The mind may not care for this state of surrender because it has no power here in the present.

Practice the Power of Stillness

The next stage is to witness the unraveling of the past as sensations move through our body like a wave.  We were meant to feel and it is your nature to do so.  Judgement is not your friend here, however forgiveness is.  

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking for help.  If you could ask a local council member to help with an important need in the community that could work.  But what if you had the prime minister on speed dial?  Wouldn’t that be better?  In regards to forgiveness and releasing the past, I feel it’s best to go to the big boss – The Creator.  

With a simple recipe including humility and gratitude, you find old pain, hurts and resentments melt away. This kind of process allows the body to heal, release stress and find peace in the nervous system.  But first we find stillness.  All arises from there.  Be still and know the “I Am” is ever present and all possible futures are available in this field.  – John Newton

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